Alex Trettin

He has worked in the travel industry for 14 years. His specialty is booking and planning Asian travel and managing a destination soccer tournament. Prior to working in travel, he spent two years teaching English in China.

P: 253-617-7228
E: alex@travelcenter4u.com

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Kim Johnston

Kim has traveled extensively, with highlights being safari in South Africa, India and Israel. Kim specializes in vacation travel to Europe, including culinary and wine tours. Her favorite city is Paris, but also loves the English countryside.

P: 253-617-7206
E: kim@travelcenter4u.com

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Mary Garitone

Mary has traveled extensively in her 30+ years in the industry. Her #1 passion is Europe, especially Italy. Some favorite sun spots include Mexico, Hawaii, Palm Springs and the Caribbean. She is excited to help others experience the world of travel.

P: 253-617-7270
E: mary@travelcenter4u.com

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Rosemary Strand

Rosemary has been in the travel industry for 26 years. She enjoys making dream vacations become a reality. Her personal travels have taken her to Mexico, Hawaii, Germany and Alaska to name a few. She specializes in Disneyland and group cruises.

P: 253-582-2020
E: rosemary@travelcenter4u.com

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Jessica Nelson

Exhilarating adventurous getaways are Jessica's specialty! She is a certified Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist, along with additional certifications in Leisure Travel and Adventure Travel.

P: 253-535-1604
E: jessica@travelcenter4u.com

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Nancy Hinschberger

While she enjoys planning milestones/anniversaries all over the world, Nancy's favorite destination is Iceland, as their culture has a wonderful focus on green energy, eating healthily, and welcoming visitors!

P: 253.617-7208
E: nancy@travelcenter4u.com

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Sydney Duenas

Sydney's passion for sunshine, the outdoors, health and wellness, and indigenous cultures, leads to her specialization in Tropical Destinations, specifically Hawaii, Polynesia, and Australia/New Zealand.

P: 253-535-1602
E: sydney@travelcenter4u.com


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Lori Lewis

Lori has been in the Travel Industry for over 20 years and has worked in corporate and leisure travel. She enjoys working with sporting and business groups. Lori's favorite destination is New Zealand.

P: 253-617-7212
E: lori@travelcenter4u.com

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DoraLynn Pelesasa

DoraLynn has been in the travel industry for 12 years, and she has worked in corporate and in leisure travel. She enjoys helping clients find the best in travel. She also enjoys traveling herself.

P: 253-617-7209
E: doralynn@travelcenter4u.com

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Andrea Gardner

Andrea is an experienced Corporate Travel Adviser dedicated to helping clients' travel programs run smoothly,efficiently, and cost-effectively.

P: 253-617-7233
E: andrea@travelcenter4u.com

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