Alex Trettin

He has worked in the travel industry for 14 years. His specialty is booking and planning Asian travel and managing a destination soccer tournament. Prior to working in travel, he spent two years teaching English in China.

P: 253-617-7228
E: alex@travelcenter4u.com

Kim Johnston

Kim has traveled extensively, with highlights being safari in South Africa, India and Israel. Kim specializes in vacation travel to Europe, including culinary and wine tours. Her favorite city is Paris, but also loves the English countryside.

P: 253-617-7206
E: kim@travelcenter4u.com

Lori Lewis

Lori has been in the Travel Industry for over 20 years and has worked in corporate and leisure travel. She enjoys working with sporting and business groups. Lori’s favorite destination is New Zealand.

P: 253-617-7212
E: lori@travelcenter4u.com

DoraLynn Pelesasa

DoraLynn has been in the travel industry for 12 years, and she has worked in corporate and in leisure travel. She enjoys helping clients find the best in travel. She also enjoys traveling herself.

P: 253-617-7209
E: doralynn@travelcenter4u.com

Kim Ulavale

Kim's niche focuses on sun & sand destinations. Her travels have included numerous trips to Mexico, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, and living in Hawaii for several years.

P: 425-316-3283
E: kim@destinyinternationaltravel.com

Glenda Hushek

Glenda specializes in leisure travel with an emphasis on international and exotic destinations. Her extensive personal travel along with the knowledge gained from over 30 years in the industry helps her clients receive the greatest experience and greatest value.

P: 253-565-2929
E: glenda@travelcenter4u.com

Rachel Cresswell

Rachel has been a travel agent for 20 years now. She books all modes of travel, but mainly specializes in Mexico, Hawaii, Europe, Honeymoon, Destination Weddings, and US travel.

P: 360-303-9661
E: rcresswell@msn.com

Kathleen Tansey

A travel specialist since 1973, Kathleen uses her experience and knowledge to make your journey into priceless memories. Whether your group shares a hobby, church, work or family relationship, Kathleen can handle all the details with a personal touch. More Info

P: 253-630-7755
E: kathleen@travelcenter4u.com

Sheryl Huber

Sheryl has been in the travel industry for over 20 years and designing travel packages is what she LOVES to do. With extensive travel experience in both domestic and international travel, she is able to make arrangements best suited for each client. More Info

P: 253-840-0849
E: sheryl@yourtraveldesign.com

Mary Garitone

Mary has traveled extensively in her 30+ years in the industry. Her #1 passion is Europe, especially Italy. Some favorite sun spots include Mexico, Hawaii, Palm Springs and the Caribbean. She is excited to help others experience the world of travel.

P: 253-582-2020
E: mary@travelcenter4u.com

Len Tobin

Len is a CLIA master cruise counselor and particularly enjoys organizing family reunion and celebration cruises, individual cruise bookings, and European group cruises.

P: 360-456-3819
E: quiltersalaskancruises@comcast.net

Rosemary Strand

Rosemary has been in the travel industry for 26 years. She enjoys making dream vacations become a reality. Her personal travels have taken her to Mexico, Hawaii, Germany and Alaska to name a few. She specializes in Disneyland and group cruises.

P: 253-582-2020
E: rosemary@travelcenter4u.com

Ursula Bye

Ursula has been in the travel industry for over 30 years, the last 4 of which have been with Travel Leaders. Her journeys have involved such destinations as Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Carribean. She enjoys helping her clients find the best in their travel needs.

P: 253-582-2020
E: ursula@travelcenter4u.com

Melissa West

Melissa specializes in international, exotic, group and family travel. She lived in Europe for 5 years, prior to joining the travel industry 25+ years ago. Most recently she has traveled to Iceland, China and Antarctica.

More Info

P: 360-654-6085
E: melissa@travelcenter4u.com

Pepper Hede

Pepper has 40 years experience making travel arrangements to US, Mexico, Caribbean, Cruises and Europe destinations. She is an all around leisure travel consultant.

P: 253-752-3777
E: pepper@travelcenter4u.com

Cheryl Miller

Cheryl has been in the travel industry since 1986 and is originally from England but has lived in Germany, the USA and now resides in the Guadalajara area, Mexico. She loves to travel, no matter where in the world, but her favorite area is Europe and the Caribbean/Mexico.

E: cheryl@travelcenter4u.com

Chelsy Brougher

Chelsy has been in the travel industry for 18 years. Working for Travel Leaders has taken her to many amazing destinations: Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Fiji, Alaska, Europe and Cruising. She loves to make a client's dream vacation turn into an unforgettable journey.

P: 360-893-5858
E: chelsy@travelcenter4u.com

Sharron Knutson

Sharron has been at Travel Leaders for 5 years. She has traveled to Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Hawaii. Her favorite vacation is cruising. She has experienced train travel, exploring the USA, Canada and Europe. Call Sharron to plan your next vacation!

P: 360-654-6085
E: sharron@travelcenter4u.com

Paula Demmer

Paula has over 19 years experience and is passionate about creating seamless dream trips. She loves helping couples coordinate tropical Destination Weddings & create Caribbean getaways. Her extensive travels include Kenya, Australia, & Bora Bora.

P: 253-759-6203
E: paula@travelcenter4u.com

Rita Dammel

Rita has been with Travel Leaders for over 25 years. She is an Accredited Cruise Counselor, a Maui Destination Specialist, has taken many classes with CWT and has trained agents in customer service. She enjoys putting together that special vacation for family and friends.

P: 253-536-7482
E: rita@travelcenter4u.com

Lynette Locke

P: 360-659-0505
E: lynettelocke@travelcenter4u.com

Marlene Hughes

P: 253-564-5161
E: marlenehughes@travelcenter4u.com

Nancy Hinschberger

P: 253-617-7208
E: nancy@travelcenter4u.com

Sydney Duenas